About Me

Hi there everyone, My name is Monica. I am a mom to two girls. I work as a massage therapist at a local resort and spa and I absolutely love what I do. It’s been very spiritually awakening to have this calling in life. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found blogging  to be very therapeutic and I’m really enjoying everything I’m learning. My life is simultaneously simple and chaotic. I find myself surviving off of caffeine, carbs, my wits, some wine, yoga & a little bit of gangsta rap. I truly believe motherhood is thug life. If you’re not managing and running the show like The Godfather then these hooligans we love so much will run all over us. God bless ’em. My life would be…well, I don’t know what it would be, because I can’t remember my former childless life.  My mind has slowly started to fail me a little with each child.

My primary reason for beginning to blog was to vent and it served to be very therapeutic. As time went on I found myself almost documenting things I wanted my children to remember. Whether it was a story or lesson or a trip we took. Now, I’m looking forward to leaving behind a small online journal of mayhem and mishaps, just kidding. I want it to serve more of a “life’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but it’s not all that bad” type of guide should I ever decide to go grocery shopping and never return because my little one hasn’t out grown Disney’s Frozen.

I hope you all enjoy getting to know our lovely, imperfect, sometimes shameless, but always kind and grateful family.

Sincerely,  Monica