Wardrobe Essentials For Busy Women

Time is a precious thing and for me so is my appearance.  My hubby works in a retail setting where women of all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicities and styles are displayed in front of him.  I’m not young enough to pull off the messy bun and yoga pants look anymore.  I’ve also taken on many new ventures that require a little effort.  Needless to say, I’ve managed to get myself wardrobe essentials that whip me from shabby to chic in no time.  No iron fabrics are a Godsend!  Love all of that low maintenance stuff.  

I’ve gone through spurts where I’ve been thick and thin.  The older I get I seem to shrink and stretch like elastic.  After having had to donate years worth of clothing some new with tags still attached and some old that I swore I’d one day get into. I decided to simplify my life and donate the clothes to charity.  I decided to invest into staple pieces of clothing that gave me growing room and would still fit if I shrunk some.  Not likely since I seemed to have plateaued but it’s nice to have options. 

I’ve compiled a short list of my absolute must haves for a busy working mom. 

Now, I will say that I’m partial to purchasing my clothes from NY & Company because they have the best sales and coupons, usually have free shipping and because everything stretches!  I normally turn to Versona for accessories but I’ve managed to finagle some great deals on Amrita Singh statement necklaces through Zulily

Here are my latest and most versatile purchases 

  • Blazer 
  • Button up stretch tops in solid colors 
  • Black Ankle Pull On Pants
  • Super Stretchy Jeans
  • Simple Black Dress 
  • Couple of solid colored skirts
  • A few printed items 
  • Tons of accessories to change the look

Work Essentials: Solid Top, Printed Pants, Flats for running
Basic Black Blazer, Printed Top, Jeans
Same Blazer & Top as above with a red skirt

    Bright solid yellow with Blue printed skirt

      Flair A line skirt with Bamboo Top

      Tons of different accessories to change your look

      Statement necklace for work

      Versatility is key

      My accessories arsenal
      Go for the Gold
      Scarves & Pashminas for a little change
      Play with Layers, textures & colors

      Jackets are for the birds

      *I am by no means a fashion expert.  I just know I like no iron stretchy pants and skirts that don’t itch and don’t require spanx because those things are the devil!*

      Hope my little go to list helps out other busy women.  

      I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one.

      Marilyn Monroe

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