To My Team

It’s with mixed emotions that I bid you all farewell and say Goodbye to you all. Although I know you’ll have a great Director it’s with a selfish heart that I think of you as my family.

I came onboard with all of these ideas to teach you all to be even better at what you do and it was you all that that ended up inspiring me to be better.

You are all great leaders.

Gina thank you for teaching me that self care is important. You’ve inspired me to be more controlled.

King KoJack you named me your empress, May no one take that title from me ever! Lol! You taught me that gentlemen still exist.

Martha you taught me to be humble and forgive. Life lessons I will never forget.

Dolores you taught me to be more self reliant. You taught me that I am still young.

Francisco thank you for teaching me to believe more in myself. You’ve taught me that’s it okay to follow my dreams and it’s okay to think outside the box.

David thank you for inspiring me to do more for our youth. And for teaching me how to remove eyebrows during facials. Never lose your moxie or that signature facial move.

Melanie You allowed me to reach the ultimate goal watching you grow and transform from student to successful therapist. Thank you for always helping me, forcing me to take breaks and being a sister to me.

Bill thank you for teaching me to unapologetically accept who I am and love myself despite my many flaws.

Li thank you for reviving my soul with your understanding.

Tiah thank you for teaching me to slow down and not be so hard on myself.

Bianca thank you for teaching me the art of delegation. You’ve been my right hand through it all.

Lesley thank you for teaching me the art of gratitude. And your sly ways of sales! Lol!

Lisa thank you for teaching me to embrace my inner teenage boy. Allowing me to bring laughter.

Brayden thank you for teaching me to work in silence and let my work speak for itself.

Niki thank you for teaching me that being momma bear is always number one.

I came in with the premise of seeing you all fly, but as you can see, working together we’ve all begun to soar.

We’ve brought out the best in each other and I know you all will continue to push to be Number 1 in the company.

Inside of all of you is everything you need to achieve that already.

Continue to empower each other and learn from each other and support each other.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -~Henry Ford

Thank you for having me, Thorns and all.

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